Resurrection Lutheran Church   4301 Browns Point Boulevard NE

Tacoma, WA 98422



Office hours are 9-2, Monday-Thursday.

Please leave a phone message outside of office hours

(messages are checked regularly.)

             You can also contact Pr Karen                                                                                                or our Admin. Assistant, Elvira, via email:
pastor@resurrectionlutherantacoma.org                                                                   church office@resurrectionlutherantacoma.org


Word and Sacrament Worship is Sunday morning at 10:00. Share hope, love, deep songs of faith from throughout time and throughout the world, and faithful and  joyful Christian Community.  

Morning Prayer  is Wednesday mornings at 7:00-7:20 a.m.


We are a reconciling in Christ community of faith.  All people are welcome as full participants in the body.



Mission Statement:  Gather, Grow, Go!


                                 Pastor Karen Bates Olson

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