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Resurrection Lutheran Church

4301 Browns Point Blvd NE

Tacoma, WA  98422


Pastor Karen Bates Olson


Elaine Twogood, Katie Olson, Administrative Assistants


In care for one another, we are following protocols and mandates on masking, physical distancing, and reopening.

We do not yet have a set date for physically reopening the church building. However, the church is always active, as God is always among us.  Continue to check out this webpage, and contact us with any questions.

Fear is, somehow or other, the archen­emy itself. It crouches in people’s hearts. It hollows out their insides, until their resistance and strength are spent and they suddenly break down. Fear secretly gnaws and eats away at all the ties that bind a person to God and to others . . . .

But the human being doesn’t have to be afraid; we should not be afraid  . . . . We name the name of the One who makes the evil inside us recoil, who makes fear and anxiety themselves tremble with fear and puts them to flight.

We name the One who overcame fear and led it captive in the victory proces­sion, who nailed it to the cross and committed it to oblivion; we name the One who is the shout of victory of humankind redeemed from the fear of death—Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Living One. He alone is Lord over fear; it knows him as its master; it gives way to him alone.

-Dietrich Bonhoeffer


With great thanksgiving, we will re-gather for worship on Easter Sunday, April 4, covid-safe, in the Sanctuary. 

Worship services will be at 10:00 and noon in the Sanctuary, as well as live-streamed.

Thanks be to God!

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday worship, April 1, will be offered for viewing live-stream at 7:00 p.m., and for viewing any time after that point.

Good Friday worship, April 2, will be available for viewing online any time through the day.


We will be celebrating worship both at 10:00 and at Noon– both in the sanctuary, Covid-safe, and online.

Connect with us online via Facebook, Resurrection Lutheran Tacoma; or you-tube, Resurrection Lutheran ELCA

Continued Regathering

More details on our continued regathering will be coming.  Our goal is to regather for covid-safe sanctuary worship every Sunday by June.

As we are able to regather for other activities, we will post details as they are available.


We are a Reconciling in Christ CongregationAs such, we uphold the words of the Apostle Paul:  “In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female.”  (Galatians 3:28) Christ has made us all one.  We believe that this oneness extends to all persons regardless of gender identity, race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identities, or religious, economic, or political affiliation.

All are Welcome!


We grow in the grace given in Christ and his call to service through: 

Regular Worship. 

A Monday morning 11:00 Bible Study offered when we are not physically distanced.

A Choir for High Schoolers-Adults offered in non-quarantine times. 

Events featuring speakers on a variety of topics related to Christian growth and outreach.

Energetic and Open Fellowship and Outreach. 


In this time of physical distancing, we are collecting food for the Food Bank in a Bin located right outside the front doors of the church. Food is delivered to the Food Bank on a weekly basis.  In the quarantine, our church office is open from 10-2 on Mondays and Thursdays.  Masks are available to take in the Fellowship Hall, along with patterns and materials for making them.

Outside of quarantine, we provide Bags for the Homeless, Support NorthEast Tacoma Healthy Kids Coalition, Make Quilts for people around the world through ELCA World Hunger; Collect Food For the Food Bank; Support the Ministry Peace Lutheran, Tacoma, does for people who need Shelter and Food; participate in our ELCA’s “God’s Work; Our Hands” outreach once a year; and in August, offer a week long “Family Fun Camp” (or VBS) for the community.

Please contact  the church office or Pastor Karen with any questions.  All are welcome!