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Sermon Notes

Faith the grain of a mustard seed . . .

There’s really a hopeful word!

God in Christ can take

The tiniest speck of faith-

  The very, very tiniest!

And use it all, and then some, for the sake of the growth of the kingdom of God-

God can take the tiniest speck of faith-

The very, very tiniest!

And use it for powerful growth in love, and hope, and peace, and patience.

Powerful growth in justice, and mercy, and kindness, and joy.

Powerful growth in letting our light so shine.

Powerful growth in both our trust in and our lives lived by the

Hope of resurrection, and life

That’s always the way it has been for the people of God.

Abraham didn’t have much- other than a promise.

Sarah didn’t have much—other than a word heard outside her house, of soon bearing a son.

Moses didn’t have much: A brother to speak for him, a rod to walk with.

Miriam didn’t have much- only a tambourine.

David didn’t have much at first, really, at all— one small stone.

Esther didn’t’ have much- only a cousin to guide her.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, didn’t have much, A Vision.

Joseph didn’t have much. A dream.

Peter didn’t have much- other than an urge to speak.

Mary, who supposed the risen Jesus was the gardener—she didn’t have much.  Only her amazement.

Faith the grain of a mustard seed

Alive In our hearts, with Christ

Through the power of the Spirit,

Moved by the promises of God—

The tiniest portion of faith,

All but invisible to the human eye

Is powerful, in the ways of God.

The tiniest bit of faith can move a heart to reconciliation, when left to itself it would rage on in wrath.

The tiniest bit of faith can move a heart to bear grief- even with joy.

The tiniest bit of faith can look at an impossible world, and say ,  . . . .”But . . .”

The tiniest bit of faith can mouth a prayer.

The tiniest bit of faith open a window within to the promise of forgiveness.

The tiniest bit of faith can see that God might be blowing possibility behind that slammed door—and maybe this one, slammed even more forcefully.

And you have that bit of faith.

Even if you don’t know it.

Even if you don’t feel it.

Even if you can’t believe it.

It’s there.

The Spirit has blown it in you—through your Baptism, in your gathering with the people of God, in your tenacity in worship, in that almost imperceptible prayer your heart just made for hope.

You don’t have to have Jesus figured out before he chooses to work through you.

You don’t have to come to some full and final declaration for him before he will start spinning his work in your life.

You don’t need to feel the Spirit before the Spirit breathes upon you.

He’s there, the living word—even if your hearing of him is at the sides, or an annoyance, or something to argue with.

And where he is, the Spirit blows faith.

Let that Spirit blow!

Grab on to the smallest hint the window of your heart is opening to the incredible and really kind of unfathomable way of God, a way that is first and last a way of love, and hope. And joy. And prayer. And Resurrection. And life.

Grab on.

And use it-

That tiny, tiny hint.

There’s your mustard seed.